[Infographic] The Cost of Data Centre Downtime

[Infographic] The Cost of Data Centre Downtime

[Infographic] The Cost of Data Centre Downtime 150 150 Simon Randall

As we rely more and more on technology to help us to increase business agility and profitability, downtime on the network can be costly to any business. For the data centre, it can be fatal if they have a lot of customers relying on the various services that they may offer.

As the use of cloud computing increases and more businesses turn to the technology in order to host their entire IT infrastructure, any downtime a data centre may suffer will have a ripple effect on the businesses that they serve.

Courtesy of VirtualHosting.com, this infographics is a great illustration of the revenue that could be lost in the event that the data centre suffers an outage due to cabling issues. For example, $69 trillion could be lost every hour in the unlikely scenario that every data centre around the globe went down.

Many things can cause data centres to go down, with human error accounting for 73% of every outage and the humble, nibbling squirrel accounting for 17% of cabling issues. Take a look at the stats on the infographics for more information on the impact that data centre downtimes could have around the world.