[INFOGRAPHIC] 25 Years of Technology!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 25 Years of Technology!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 25 Years of Technology! 150 150 Simon Randall

As the New Year is upon us, we thought a little less cables and a little more fun facts were suitable to see 2014 in properly. This interesting infographic from Insight below looks at how technology has changed over the course of the last quarter century.

For many of us that have been involved in technology for quite some time, it’s odd to think that the World Wide Web was first being developed by the UK’s very own Tim Berners-Lee and team just 23 years ago. Did anyone back then in 1990 see it coming to this?

Personally, I hit the net at around the end of the 90s and loved how it enhanced research on pretty much anything. I haven’t been offline for any significant amount of time since.

1995 brought us Windows 95 – of course, it was far from the first Windows product, previous to that there was 1.01 and so on up to 3.1 but Microsoft decided to combine Windows and DOS.

More recently, we’ve had the launch of the revolutionary iPod from Apple, not to mention the internet-changing Facebook and subsequent avalanche of social media. The internet changed the way did business, but social media has done so beyond all recognition.

Of course, much more went on before all of this, technology is the most exciting field as it moves so fast and involves innovative thinking. So as 2014 approaches, may technology continue to enhance our lives and prosperity of all.

Happy New Year everybody!

Image created by Insight