Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

Employer Recognition Scheme

Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

A Defence supplier of 20+ years, Quadratek has in that time employed, & continues to employee, a number of Veterans and Reservists in a variety of roles across a number of project types.  Having been an Armed Forces Corporate Covenant supporter since 2014 pledging our support to those currently serving and those who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, ensuring they are given equal employment opportunities, we have re-signed the covenant to renew and affirm our commitment with a more ‘tailored’ covenant.  We are using the re-signing as a reason to SHOUT about the benefits for companies to pledge their commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community.

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Employer Recognition Scheme

In 2018 we became an Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze award winner, followed 2 years later  with a Silver award evidencing our strengthened support.  The scheme encourages employers to do more to support those with a connection to the Armed Forces including Veterans, Reservists, Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers, and their families in their local area.

2023 saw us win Gold; the highest national level award to employers who demonstrate advocacy for Reservists, Veterans, Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAVs), and their families, joining a select band of organisations in the South East who have earned a Gold award since the scheme was introduced in 2014.  We have updated our Reservists Policy to offer flexible working arrangements and polices for staff.


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This Year's Chosen Charity

For 2024 we have chosen to donate to Combat Stress to support the invaluable work they do.

About Combat Stress:

"Our aim is to treat veterans’ symptoms and improve their quality of life. We want to help veterans tackle their past and take on the future.

Veterans with complex mental health conditions need a specialist team made up of different mental health professionals to help them and we provide this. Our clinicians work closely with each other and the veteran to develop a treatment plan that best suits their needs.

We directly employ our own clinical staff to provide our highly specialised treatment to UK veterans at our centres in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our treatment is available online, in the community, through outpatient appointments and also on a residential basis when required."

To donate to Combat Stress and learn more about the work they do please visit