AFC Re-Signed 2023

AFC Re-Signed 2023

AFC Re-Signed 2023 150 150 Jan O'Mahoney​

Armed Forces Covenant – Re-Signed

Having originally signed up in 2014, Quadratek is proud to SHOUT OUT that we have reaffirmed our committed pledge of support by re-signing a more ‘Quadratek tailored’ corporate covenant, strengthened by the countersignature of a Lt Col from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

There are many benefits to signing up and pledging your support to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.

Access to talent transitioning out of the Armed Forces, and veterans, – the people your business needs – forces leavers and veterans, are:

  • Reliable with excellent attitudes & adaptability
  • Loyal
  • Quick learners
  • Resilient
  • Less likely to take time off sick

Forces leavers and veterans have:

  • A wealth of cross-functional soft & technical skills
  • Advanced team-building skills
  • Strong organisational commitment
  • Skills in diverse work environments


To pledge your company’s support to the Armed Forces, please sign-up to the Corporate Covenant