Christmas Shoebox Gifts 2020

Christmas Shoebox Gifts 2020

Christmas Shoebox Gifts 2020 150 150 Jan O'Mahoney​

Whilst we remain in unprecedented times trying to navigate our way through living with Covid-19, now more than ever those around the world who are less fortunate than us living in poverty need our support. This is why, once again, one of our team members and her daughters have been out shopping to fill shoeboxes for this year’s Rotary Shoebox appeal.

Their Rotary Club continues to support vulnerable families in Albania, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, and The Philippines ensuring children aged 1-15, many living in orphanages, receive a gift at this time of year.

Gifts can include:

  • Entertainment – Plastic or wooden toy, jigsaw puzzle, colouring book, colouring and drawing pencils, pens, writing book, Lego, yo-yo, skipping rope, building blocks, doll, dominoes, modelling clay/plasticine, cuddly toy, stickers, playing cards, sports memorabilia, musical instrument
  • Clothing – Hat, scarf, gloves, and warm fluffy socks
  • Toiletries – Toothbrush and toothpaste, flannel, bar of soap, roll-on deodorant, comb/brush, hair bobbles/bands, mirror, costume jewellery, make-up, razors (age-appropriate), face/body cream
  • Household – T light candles, kitchen cloths/scouring pads, soap flakes, first-aid kit

Gifts NOT to include;

Food (including sweets and chocolate), conflict-related toys e.g. toy gun/knife, battery-operated toy, matches, flammable liquids/aerosols, seeds, washing powder for automatic washing machines

Whilst you can’t wrap up the gift items individually, you can line the inner of the box with tissue paper & cover the gifts as well as decorating your shoebox.

If you don’t have a shoebox to hand you could ask a local shoe shop or pay £2 for a Rotary box

If you would like to send  a gift to a vulnerable child this year please follow this link


Alternatively, why not contact your local hospital & enquire if they are doing shoebox gifts for patients who will be in over the Christmas period & may not have any family or friends who can visit.