Fibre Optics

Quadratek has the design, installation and testing expertise to deliver ultra fast connections

Fibre optic

With regular clients in the commercial, defence, security, government, education, engineering and private sectors, Quadratek has a proven track record in multi-mode and single-mode fibre optic installations.

Our full-service capability spans fibre optic network design, installation, terminations, testing, commissioning, maintenance and support.

Our project managers will survey and prepare a fibre optic network design and proposal for your approval before we begin work on any installation.

Fibre optic

why choose fibre optics

Why choose fibre optic?

Fibre optic offers two key advantages over structured cabling:

  • It reaches further - fibre optic cable can be used as a secure option for lengths that exceed the 90m limit for structured cabling
  • Its faster - multi-mode OM4 cable can provide speeds in excess of 10 gigabits per second - ideal for high data transfer applications. Single-mode fibre optic cable, meanwhile, is ideal for longer distance, bandwidth-hungry, applications

Our fibre optic cables, patch panels, connectors, patch leads and accessories are readily available for next day delivery.  We can provide pre-terminated and tested fibre optic solutions for installation by our skilled engineers or your own network team. We offer direct termination using glue and polish techniques or fusion splicing.

Fibre optic testing and containment

We test all our fibre optic installations using a Light Source and Power Metre (LSPM) or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and are happy to provide you with copies of test results.

Quadratek engineers are ahead of the game when it comes to testing and containment technologies. This is your assurance of quality, experience and up to date techniques.

Interested in how fibre optics can help your IT infrastructure?