Hardware Support

Unlimited call-outs, on-site repairs to networks, servers, SAN, NAS, printers and other devices

Hardware break-fix and maintenance

Quadratek specialises in helping customers extend the lifespan of legacy IT assets by providing flexible, cost-effective, knowledgeable engineering for multi-vendor hardware support.

Quadratek offers customers a vendor-independent choice for hardware maintenance & support for a vast range of legacy devices including HP, Dell, IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Cisco and many more vendors.

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to provide reliable hardware support.  If your hardware fails, Quadratek will get you back up and running quickly.  We’ll diagnose and eliminate any faults in your hardware by repairing or replacing faulty parts and components from our wide range of stock.

All you need to do is choose your Service Level Agreement (SLA), which we will work with you to customise to your business’s size, needs and budget.  We offer some of the most comprehensive hardware and software support available today for your legacy and current computer environment.

Guaranteed response time

Your guaranteed priority response time – which is written into your SLA - is your assurance that you’ll be operational again as soon as possible in the unlikely event your hardware isn’t.

Hardware break-fix and maintenance

what is covered

What’s covered?

Whichever SLA you opt for, you’ll be covered for

  • Unlimited call-outs
  • On-site repairs to networks, servers, storage devices, network hardware printers and other devices
  • UK and European sites

Accidental damage

With our advanced hardware protection, you can optionally fully protect your hardware assets against almost all accidental damage eventualities.


Quadratek provides a friendly, efficient service and works providing hardware support services to a range of commercial businesses, Government and the Ministry of Defence.

Relocation services

We understand the need to move equipment or data centres between locations for convenience or cost savings or to meet the demands of the business. This can be a large undertaking and cause many headaches along with lost production.

Quadratek can help you design an action plan to minimise downtime, control spending, reduce liability, and provide a smooth transition. With years of experience in moving equipment, we are capable of moving a single system or a whole computer room, and can even build your new Data Centre. Whether it is between buildings on the same campus, or across the country we can help.

Everything from pre-site inspections, racking assessment, and cabling control, to dedicated secure transport, insurance, and engineers, is considered. We’ll help you plan, provide de-racking services, pack and move every device using our advanced moving strategies, and perform all re-racking services.

Full Hardware Audits can be conducted before, during, and after relocations to ensure that no critical data is misplaced, providing assurances against data loss.

Hardware asset disposal and destruction

Many companies go to great effort & expense to audit their entire IT infrastructure - computers, network, and mobile devices - to determine what they need to do to prevent data from being illegally accessed (hacked).  Once risks assessed and fully understood, they implement firewalls, encrypt data & enforce complex system-generated passwords. However, come the time for IT upgrades or end-of-life, the process often breaks down and the chain of custody is not followed with data holding assets. These very same companies aren’t always as prudent with the disposal or reuse of their IT hardware, opening themselves up to the risk of potential data leakage. Quadratek can play a vital part in the asset life-cycle ensuring that all data is securely disposed of and any residual value in the asset is recognised, turning what was once IT waste into income.

We offer secure and ethical, on-site or off-site, disposal services which conform to WEEE regulations, and implement high-security standards and are audited and accredited to ISO 27001.

Quadratek is partnered with Blancco to securely erase devices and avoid data protection breaches if you wish to reuse or sell-on your IT assets.

Your data-sensitive IT hardware, e.g. hard drives, can be permanently destroyed using the QUADRINATOR; resulting in a 30mm hole being punched through the hard-drive permanently distorting the platters of the disk.

Asset remarketing

The secondary market for IT equipment is vast and the Quadratek process ensures that all assets entering the secondary user marker reach maximum resale value.

Asset inventory

A full inventory of the items to be removed from site will be carried out by our Government security cleared staff.

Secure asset retrieval from site

Quadratek will load assets into its GPS tracked vehicles ensuring that we always know where the assets and valuable data are whilst in transit.

Asset valet

Just like a used car, IT equipment that’s in good working order, clean and polished and fetches a higher resale value. The assets are cosmetically cleaned, asset labels or stickers removed and dusted internally to remove any grime. When a Quadratek remarketed product enters the secondary user marketplace, we want the maximum sale value to be recognised.

Minor Upgrades

Where possible, consideration will be given to minor hardware upgrades. Examples of these would be memory upgrades in computers and installation of a licensed Windows operating system. These upgrades again ensure the asset reaches maximum value on the secondary market.

asset remarketing from Quadratek

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