Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Intelligent Mobile Device Management helping your business grow, enabling business growth

Mobile Device Management

Advances in mobility have enabled businesses to become more productive as the number of employees working remotely increases, yet with this added flexibility, businesses can often feel that there is a loss of control.

Now your customers can take control of their business-critical data on their company smartphones and tablets with our Device Management solution. Our solution keeps users connected to their field employees and in control of any sensitive information carried on staff mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360® Mobile Device Management provides a cloud-based, comprehensive enterprise grade management solution that helps businesses support a user’s expectations of being able to work remotely while having the flexibility to use the devices and apps of their choice.

MaaS360 is the fastest and most comprehensive way to configure devices for enterprise access and secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets — all from a single screen. As a fully-integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies mobile device management (MDM) with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

IBM MaaS360® Mobile Device Management delivers robust management capabilities across all major computing platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices.

  • SMS, email or URL over-the-air (OTA) enrolment
  • Passcode and encryption enforcement
  • Email, VPN and WiFi profiles
  • Device restriction settings
  • Remote locate, lock and wipe (full and selective)
  • Jailbreak and root detection
  • Policy updates and changes
  • Compliance reporting
  • Email access controls
  • Corporate directory integration
  • Certificate management
  • BYOD privacy settings
  • Personal policies specific to users, not devices
  • Automated compliance engine to take near real-time actions
  • Location tracking and geofencing
  • Dashboards and alerts

Key benefits of Mobile Device Management Maas360

  • Enables flexible working - mobilise content and files to stay productive at any time, on any device and from anywhere
  • Easy to set up - quick set up with full visibility of all devices - built on a cloud platform that offers fast deployment, scalability and automated updates
  • Compliant - helps you to safeguard and contain business data
  • Convenient - single management console that consolidates endpoint management tasks across all devices
  • Secure management - set security policies and enforce them with automated compliance actions like requiring a device passcode, restricting cloud backup and blocking a compromised device
  • Analytics - detailed hardware and software inventory reports, as well as predictive analytics and actionable insights for threats and opportunities through IBM’s cognitive insights

How you will benefit

  • Extend and enhance your mobility offering
  • Deliver essential endpoint management and security solutions
  • Provide additional revenue streams from managed services and providing monthly reports
  • Allow businesses to focus on business growth objectives rather than daily IT issues
  • Ensure customers’ brands are protected by using this industry-leading secure and robust system
  • Enable customer compliance and assist with customers’ GDPR initiatives – enforce encryption, personal/business segregation, secure access to
    corporate resource, data loss prevention
  • Tie in your customers with an additional product, supporting customer retention
  • Extremely competitive pricing

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