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COVID-19 Risk Assessment v2. 1 June 2020.pdf

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The Environment

We realise our activities affect the environment and the communities in which we operate and acknowledge our responsibility to identify and minimise our impact as much as possible.

Environment Policy (1 May 2018)

Quality Policy

Quadratek is committed to the effective implementation and ongoing improvement of a Quality Management System satisfying the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Quality Policy (1 May 2018)

Bribery and corruption

Business corruption normally can be fraud perpetrated upon an organisation by outsiders or fraud committed internally. At Quadratek, we’re committed to preventing fraud and bribery by all employees and any other person associated with us.

Quadratek Anti Corruption Policy (1 May 2018)

Health and safety

We’ll maintain and improve our good record of safe, responsible activity by careful planning, organisation, monitoring, control, training and application of best practice and codes of conduct.

Health and Safety (4 June 2020)

Data protection

We monitor our storage and information processes at frequent intervals to ensure continued compliance with the Data Protection Registration and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Data Protection Policy (1 May 2018)

Equal opportunities

An Equal Opportunities employer, we’re committed to providing an environment in which all employees (actual or prospective) are treated with equal dignity, respect and fairness.

Equal Opportunities Policy (1 May 2018)

Ethical Policy

This statement details Quadratek’s view on ethical procurement. It is based largely on the following principles with advice on how to put them into practice:

Quadratek Ethical Policy (Jan 2020)

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