Top Technology Blogs that your Business Should Be Following

Top Technology Blogs that your Business Should Be Following 150 150 Kerry Butters

Originally a sort of online personal journal,  web logs or blogs have since evolved into a powerful method of communication. Breaking news, insider perspectives, whatever; there’s an infinite number, covering any subject.

Why Should YOU Care?

As a business, you’ll need to keep abreast of developments on the technology front. Not only to stay in contention with rivals, but as a valuable tool in your own endeavours. Miss a couple of days’ news, and you’ll discover that what you’re working on is obsolete, and the company you just bid for was bought by someone else.

25 of The Best

In alphabetical order, here’s your wish list of the best technology blogs for your business:

1. Computerworld Blogs

Computerworld’s blog compiles entries from several different bloggers, adding another dimension to one of the oldest and most respected IT magazines.

2. blog

Computing is one of the UK’s leading business technology publications. Their blog is updated each working day, with the biggest stories in technology. Posts are provided by industry experts and the publication’s own reporters.

3.  Crave

The gadget blog from CNET UK. Crave provides news on all the latest gadgets in the market, with product reviews and “How To” guides.

4. David Rowan’s blog –

David Rowan is the editor of Wired magazine. His blog discusses topical issues, in the tech industry.

5. UK blog

Econsultancy is an online community for digital marketing and e-commerce professionals. Their blog is updated throughout the working day, with news and commentary.

6. Fasthosts blog

Focusing on information and advice for industry professionals, Fasthosts blog covers everything from cloud computing to digital marketing. The site contains plenty of links to news stories displayed on other blogs.

7. The Financial Times Tech Hub

This focuses on technological developments and news – and how technology is affecting the financial world more generally.

8. GigaOM

Om Malik’s GigaOM has its emphasis on the new. Analysis on Web 2.0, technologies and start-ups, social media, gaming, etc. The site is one of the largest blogs worldwide.

9. Gizmodo

Gizmodo offers a multitude of posts, presented with a youthful vibe, by some of the funnier bloggers on the Internet.

10. Graham Cluley

Cluley’s blog is dedicated to the latest computer security news, with advice and opinion.

11. The ‘’ technology blog

The Guardian’s team of technology correspondents provide a blog filled with in-depth analysis on the latest technological developments.

12. How-To Geek

Here you can get tips on operational matters, like finding out how to remove hyperlinks from Microsoft Word Docs, review products, and play free games.


This wide-ranging site is the place to go if you want to stay on top of tech issues and trends affecting your company, and the tech industry as a whole.

14. IT PRO – Today 

Enterprise and business IT news, reviews, features and How Tos – from a UK perspective.

15. Mashable

Mashable takes elements from the worlds of Twitter, Facebook, entertainment, news, and just about anything else relevant to technology, and mixes (okay; mashes) them up into a blog puree.

16. Mighty Gadget

The Mighty Gadget blog gives the latest technology news and reviews relating specifically to the UK. Posts are separated into sections, making navigation easy.

17. Official Google Enterprise Blog

This is the place to find out everything about, well, Google. The search engine, the apps they’ve created, and information about the company.

18. Real Point Blog

A place to share information and tips, as well as industry news and opinion from sectors including technology and IT, digital marketing, and business in general.

19. TechCrunch

TechCrunch isn’t just the second-biggest tech blog, it’s the No. 2 blog overall, behind The Huffington Post. The site is big, their team of contributors is huge, and they have their own network of sites, including MobileCrunch, TalkCrunch and CrunchGear.

20. TechRadar

Not as big as TechCrunch, but TechRadar nonetheless covers a wide range of topics, in the arena.

21. Tech World

A well-established resource for the UK IT industry. It has the latest news, product reviews, enterprise software downloads and “How To” articles. Especially useful, if you’re looking for lots of information on a specific topic.

22. The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Of all the blogs dedicated to Apple, this one does the best job of balancing good writing with nice graphics and pictures.

23. V3 – the frontline blog

A useful resource for technology professionals, giving in-depth news and analysis across a range of technology-related topics. 

24. Zath

Zath reviews the latest technology products, software applications, websites and hi-tech gadgets as well as providing “How To” guides.

25. ZDNet

Founded in 1991, ZDNet was purchased in 2000 by CNET (CBS Interactive), and features product reviews and software downloads, with news and analysis on tech businesses and issues.

There are plenty of others. Most allow you to sign up for email notifications of trending / new topics. So, you’ve every reason to stay informed.

Happy reading.