Fibre Optic Internet– why haven’t you upgraded yet?

Fibre Optic Internet– why haven’t you upgraded yet? 150 150 Kerry Butters

Businesses thrive on communication and bad connections that impede that communication need addressing. The internet has come a long way since the dial-up days and it’s advisable to start looking into upgrade options even from your current broadband connection. If you don’t have fibre optic internet connectivity at your business, it’s probably time you considered it. It’s not that new a technology and the price of an upgrade is likely to be nominal.

Now, it’s understandable to be cautious with money and upgrades aren’t always necessary. However in some cases early adoption can be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors. Every business hopes for speedy communications and it seeks good technology that facilitates an easy transfer of information; now there’s a simple solution, one that provides both of those advantages: fibre optic cabling.

What is Fibre Optic?

Fibre optic is an all-purpose solution that can positively affect all communication and information sharing practices that occur within your business. It provides faster and more reliable internet conditions that allows businesses to work remotely, to connect with their customers and to send information in a secure manner. It’s currently one of the most advanced systems on the market and your business will notice its great benefits right out of the box.

But to make the case for the upgrade to fibre optic cabling here’s a number of reasons why you should start using this technology today.

Send information much further

Fibre optic can carry and convey information over great distances without compromising the integrity of that data. There’s no negative impact on speed and quality either and due to the advanced nature of fibre optic cabling, your business can connect with multiple users from all over the globe without your internet connectivity suffering. Fibre optic cabling is the perfect solution for businesses that aim for better connectivity, internet speeds, and future proof internet systems.

Faster speeds

The best and most obvious benefit of fibre optic cabling is the great increase in internet browsing speeds. This means that downloading and sending files goes a lot quicker and more smoothly and this increase in speed also extends to video conferencing and basic browsing of the online world. Fibre optic means that you can do everything you normally would, just much more quickly, meaning that productivity is increased across your whole business infrastructure.

Safer and more secure browsing

A company’s online infrastructure is something that needs safeguarding and protecting. The data that moves through it is often sensitive and businesses need to employ a lot of software to make sure that it stays safe. Fibre optic cabling provides some marked benefits to security for businesses. This is due to it being one of the safest ways you can send and receive information over the web because fibre optic cables are very difficult to tap into. Companies and businesses can experience heightened peace of mind when sending information through these channels and the worry of being hacked can be alleviated.

Cloud computing services

A boost to your internets speed capabilities offers so many time-saving and productivity benefits. There is the greater flexibility when you consider how, when and where you access the internet and even from what device, to the fact that content no longer needs to be hosted predominantly on your computer or server.  Instead the content is saved remotely at a data centre, meaning that you can access it from wherever an internet connection is available.

Whilst you can still use cloud services without fibre optic connections, the upgrade in internet speeds means that you can move much larger file types into the cloud. With faster internet speeds, accessing that data and utilising it becomes much easier and the information is more readily available. Any internet enabled device can access this data, from smartphones to tablets, and when those devices are connected on your network the internet speed they’ll enjoy will be markedly increased.

Data transfer speeds

Due to faster internet the accessing and sharing of information becomes much easier. Video files are increasing in their quality and so are most media types of data and to use these files superfast broadband is needed. Gone are the days when video files were under 100mbs and now many files will be far over 5gbs. This change in the way that files are sized, and the quality that it’s rendered in, mean that faster internet is rapidly becoming an essential upgrade.

This same principle applies to the maintenance of a website and sites that have large files, high quality pictures and video, will run much more efficiently on faster connections. Remember that many of your customers have got fibre optic connections, so their experiences will be greatly improved too.

Fibre optic options can make your business more streamlined, more connected, and increase productivity. It will benefit existing BYOD policies and of course it will future proof your network infrastructures, especially if you take it one step further and have the intranet cabled with fibre too (although this is reasonably rare). You’re going to have to upgrade sooner rather than later, and you can start enjoying increased internet speeds nearly immediately. Most areas in the UK now have super fast broadband support, if yours does – upgrade now.

Of course, there are some areas, most predominantly rural, that don’t have access to fibre just yet, but this is something that’s being addressed by the UK government and even those that don’t have access to superfast in the next couple of years, should have 4G coverage.

Image: Jared Zammit