[INFOGRAPHIC] Winning Gadgets and Tech from 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] Winning Gadgets and Tech from 2013 150 150 Simon Randall

This week’s infographic takes a look at the top trends and winners and losers in the technology sector for last year. It also gives an overview of what we can expect in the coming year, which as we discussed in an earlier post, includes such wonders as the growing wearable tech sector, consumer devices such as Google TV and smart home technology.

The winners and losers are listed as to what went down well in 2013 and what’s expected of 2014. Whilst the graphic focuses a fair amount on consumer devices, with the ever-increasing trend towards BYOD, it’s a useful insight into which devices worked well over the past year.

Surface RT of course was something of a disaster for Microsoft this year, as was the introduction of Windows 8, which was redeemed slightly by 8.1 and the reintroduction of the start button. However, Microsoft are making some inroads, especially with Windows Phone and given the security issues that continue to surround the Android OS, Windows Phone and Surface could well become the devices of choice for the enterprise this year.

We think it’s reasonably safe to say that BlackBerry is now dead as far as being the first choice for business though, despite the company’s best efforts to pull itself back from the precipice.

Google Glass is of course included and whilst many people may argue that it will never happen due to privacy concerns, this is something that is inevitable. Google Glass is coming so even the doubters should get used to it.

Who knows what else this year will bring, but technology can’t ever be accused of being dull as new, more innovative products are developed on a constant basis. I can’t even begin to choose my favourite from 2013, whether it be gadgets, new standards, mobile and apps, there’s simply too many great things out there to choose from.

Many thanks to Alex Hillsberg for this great graphic.