[Infographic] Adoption of Wearable Tech

[Infographic] Adoption of Wearable Tech 150 150 Kerry Butters

Wearable technology is the latest tech fad, with more and more people choosing to adopt it in the consumer space. As this infographic from Tech X shows, for the most part adoption remains centred around health related wearables which boost our motivation when it comes to taking daily exercise and monitor things such as sleep patterns.

The rest of 2014 and 2015 is set to see a further rise in wearable adoption, as companies such as Samsung and Apple fight to enter the market on a high. Whilst the Pebble is still regarded by most as the smartwatch to own, this coming year will see a host of new devices enter the market. Exciting times for those who love their gadgets, which according to the image is around 48% when it comes to who will buy.

Of course, it’s not all just health devices and smartwatches. Google Glass will soon release the second version of the controversial eye wear. However, many worry about the privacy connotations that such a device has.

We think wearable tech is great – it has a host of benefits to the healthcare industry and could very well transform the way we live in a multitude of ways.