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2014 Internet Trends Report

2014 Internet Trends Report 150 150 Kerry Butters

As the majority of those in the technology industry will know, it’s that time of year again when influential analyst Mary Meeker sets out the most important trends across the web for the year.

This year’s Internet Trends Report was presented at the Code Conference on Wednesday and takes a look at such things as tablet devices, media consumption, security, technology in certain sectors and much more. One of the most notable things about this report was the look at mobile devices and the proliferation of data that such devices are now generating.

The death of big data

As mobile and tablet shipments have risen, so too has the data generated risen in line with that. However, despite this just 1% of this data is currently being analysed, which is unsurprising given that Gartner has recently spoken about the death of big data. The way that the term big data has been bandied about and redefined as vendors attempt to make their products stand out is a contributing factor to its demise (although really we’re talking about the death of the term big data).

However, data still will be analysed in one way or another and there’s a host of tools available now to help firms to make sense out of the enormous amount of data that social media and mobile devices now generate.

Other trends noted in the report included:

·         The rise of visual services such as SnapChat and Instagram

·         The growth of messaging apps

·         The growing number of screens in consumers’ lives

·         How advertising revenue is shifting from print to mobile

All in all it makes for interesting reading, but it is made up of a good few slides (164), so get yourself a coffee, put your feet up and settle down for an interesting read!