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The Changing Face of IT

The Changing Face of IT 150 150 Simon Randall

Whoever said, “A change is as good as
a rest”, clearly wasn’t talking about IT. With its ever changing face, IT
(Information Technology) continues to evolve at break neck speed, and each new
change signals another discipline, or a change to an existing functionality,
that IT experts need take on board and master.

Keeping up with the Pace

This constant state of flux makes it
very difficult for businesses to be able to keep pace. Even larger businesses
that have their own dedicated IT departments, struggle. Most SMEs can’t afford
the expense of running their own IT department. But keeping up with the latest
developments is no less important for them. So to make sure they stay current, many
SMEs take an alternative route. They use outside, specialist IT service

But this trend is now becoming more
popular with larger organisations too, and why not? After all, it’s cheaper to
employ an outside service provider than it is to take on employees with all of
the tax and national insurance implications, plus the hassle of employment law.
With an outside contractor, you can turn the tap on and off as the need arises.

The Cyber World We Live in

Generally speaking, the larger the
organisation, the more complicated its IT needs become. Computers are a necessary
evil in this modern day and age. We live in a cyber world, whereby everything
we touch in terms of collecting and analyzing data, reporting and managing, and
even communicating, are all disciplines that are handled digitally.

From Telegraph to Fibre Optics

Communication is one of the fastest
changing facets of IT, and those changes are coming faster than ever before.
You’ve only got to take a look at the last 182 years, a mere instant in terms
of the existence of mankind, and less a nano-second in terms of the existence
of the planet. We’ve come an awful long way since the invention of the
telegraph in 1831. The telephone, the internet, the mobile, computer
networking, fibre optics, and now there’s talk of globalising video emailing.

Taking Advantage of the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution just keeps on
gathering momentum, and that’s why the only hope businesses have of keeping up
with the latest innovations, and more to the point – taking advantage of them,
is by working with an outside specialist IT service provider. It’s these guys’
jobs to stay current. Not only can they advise you what is going on right now
in the world of IT, but they can analyse an organisation’s use of IT, (all
aspects including communication), point out where they’re lagging behind, and
recommend unique, tailor made solutions.

From Cabling to Video Collaboration

One of the most important things for
anyone who happens to be casting around for an IT service provider is to find a
company that has experience and expertise across the entire digital networking
infrastructure; someone who can handle everything from cabling to video
collaboration. If you use different service providers for different aspects of
your company’s digital infrastructure, you’re simply asking for trouble. You
could well end up with parts of your system that won’t recognise and interact
with each other! Take something simple like cabling.

Looking Ahead – Planning for the Future

The larger the organisation, the larger
its cabling needs. To cut costs, or to keep them as low as possible, many
companies only put in the cabling that is required at that particular point in
time. It’s false economy! Over time, most companies will be looking to expand,
to put more computers onto the network. If the original cable installation
always looks at the “here and now”, it won’t be able to handle an increase in

Of course, we now also have cloud
computing to throw into the IT mix and this can handle everything from hosted
applications, to an entire IT infrastructure, all managed by the data centre.
This is a cost effective solution for many businesses as it reduces the need
for capital expenditure and increases security.

Technology Doesn’t Stand Still

Not only that, but technology keeps
moving on too. If organisations focus on installing cheaper cabling and it’s
not capable of handling the likely increased quantity of data in the future, it
will all have to ripped out. Then there’s the issue of speed. Fibre optic is
more expensive, but it can handle tons more data that a twisted cable pairing.
So you see, even cabling, one of the most basic IT requirements has its pitfalls,
and by getting the right quality of advice, and the best installation, companies
can not only save money in the future, but they can be better prepared too.

Business Grade Communications

Business grade communications are a
key part of any organisation’s infrastructure. With the right cabling in
position, the right hardware, the best software package, and the finest
networking capability, business grade communications can be as good as being in
the same room with someone, face to face.

Video is now being used more and more
in business communication. As each generation becomes increasingly comfortable
with its everyday use, it will proliferate even further. Partnering with an IT
service provider who understands and promotes the latest video innovations is
therefore essential.

Only the Best Will Do

Let’s just drift back to a point we
touched on earlier – that of working with a service provider with an across the
board knowledge of IT. When combined with the best networking technology, the
best and most suitable video communication hardware and software will make
communicating both internally and externally, as easy and as natural to use, as
talking to the person sat at the next desk.

To get the very best out of your
digital infrastructure, both in physical performance and perceived quality, you
need to work with the very best IT service provider; so take your time, and
choose wisely.

Photo Credit: Kaptain Kobold