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[Infographic] Migrate Before it’s Too Late – Lenova

[Infographic] Migrate Before it’s Too Late – Lenova 150 150 Simon Randall

Early next month all support for popular operating system Microsoft XP will end, leaving many systems vulnerable to attack from malware and hackers. This isn’t the first we’ve heard about it of course, Microsoft has been warning for months that the April 8th cut-off date is looming.

So if you’re still using XP, now’s the time to stop, especially if you’re an enterprise user and need to protect both company and customer data. Currently, Microsoft are working on a number of tools to help those that have not yet updated with data migration in order to make switching a painless affair.

Why Fix What Isn’t Broken?

Because without security updates and fixes, it soon will be and whilst, as the BBC point out, many issues with XP come through third-party applications such as Java and Adobe products, the lack of patches to address issues with these will lead to infection.

Indeed, Microsoft warn that many antivirus products will not work with XP once supports stops, although many vendors have refuted this.

The infographic below, from PC manufacturer Lenova, gives a good overview of the consequences of not migrating to XP. However, what it doesn’t say is that many government and cash machine systems still use XP, so it will be interesting to see what impact the lack of support actually has.

This is especially the case as Microsoft will be still offering support, but at a price of $200 per device per year. This could prove costly for those organisations that don’t upgrade in time.

Windows 8.1 and 9

Windows 8 took a battering from users worldwide on its release and was even blamed in some quarters for the declining PC market. However, it’s safe to say that tablet devices have had a bigger impact and Microsoft moved quickly to fix mistakes in the OS with the swift release of 8.1, which reintroduced the famed start button.

Many people still don’t like Windows 8.1 though, so the software giants are moving fast to get Windows 9 out there, according to rumour. It’s thought that the new OS will be announced at this year’s BUILD conference, also taking place next month.

However, the release of a new OS will not be in time for XP users to jump on board and bypass Windows 8.1, so it’s a better idea to upgrade now, rather than shell out for support for however long it takes 9 to appear.

Of course, users could switch to Mac OS, but it’s not very likely that enterprise users will, as this would involve a lot of training in order to get employees up to speed. Windows 8.1 isn’t so bad, once you configure it and get used to the ‘charms’ which can appear at the most annoying times.

Take a look at the infographic to see how you might be affected if you don’t upgrade and remember, Quadratek Support is only a phone call away.