Speed up your business and slim down your IT costs with Quadratek’s virtualisation capability

At Quadratek, we’ll empower your business to operate as cost effectively as possible by maximising the potential of virtualisation.  The process of creating logical computing capabilities from available physical resources, virtualisation can consolidate IT infrastructure, centralise administration and support scalability.  In short, it can make your business more agile.

We can enhance your business through virtualisation in five key ways:

  • server virtualisation – this will increase your server’s usefulness by multiplying the amount of work it can support
  • network virtualisation – this allows a) large physical networks to be provisioned into smaller networks and b) multiple physical LANs to be combined into a larger network. This can improve network traffic flow and data security
  • desktop virtualisation - this delivers a complete desktop experience from a centralised server rather than the PC itself. Benefits include enhanced manageability, a consistent user experience and improved IT security
  • application virtualisation - this virtualises specific applications rather than entire desktop instances. The virtualised application is operated on a centralised server and streamed across the LAN or WAN to users


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